Punta Gorda Animal Hospital

25120 Marion Ave
Punta Gorda, FL 33950



Reception area:  There is a large fresh water fish tank visible in the right hand side of the picture.

Exam room:  Two of the three exam rooms have windows to view the fish tank.  Cats love this!  

Lab:  We have a full service in house lab.  We are able to run complete blood counts, full chemistry profile, electrolytes and  urinalysis.

Pharmacy:  We have a fully stocked pharmacy 

Treatment room:  This is where we perform most non-sterile procedures such as drawing blood, minor surgeries, etc.

Surgery suite:  This is where all sterile surgeries are performed.


Dental suite:  All dentistries are performed here.

Ultrasound room:  Ultrasound allows us to image the heart or other internal organs.  

 Radiology:  This is where we take and develop radiographs.

Kennel:  We have 12 indoor, air-conditioned runs and an assortment of cages.   Cats are housed in a seperate room.