Our Staff

Veterinary Staff of Punta Gorda Animal Hospital

Punta Gorda Animal Hospital is fortunate enough to have some of the most talented, experienced, and compassionate veterinary staff Punta Gorda has to offer. We genuinely care about our clients and their incredible pets, and we strive to deliver the best veterinary attention available. Get to know our team better by reading their biographies below!

Jane Gingerich, Hospital Administrator

Jane manages the finances, HR and client services. She loves meeting all of our clients’ pets. She is working in her spare time to spearhead a project called “Unconditional Love,” a fund to help offer veterinary care to abandoned and pets in need. Candle sales are part of this effort. At home she loves walking, reading, traveling and spending time with her grandchildren.

Susan Skates, Certified Veterinary Technician

Susan helps with setting up the exam rooms, managing the staff and inventory. She has an associate degree of Science and is currently enrolled at Saint Petersburg Jr. College to obtain her B.A.S. in Veterinary Practice Management. She has been involved in animal-related fields for over twenty years! She loves the family-oriented environment and how accomplished all of the veterinarians are. At home, Susan cares for her four dogs: two chihuahuas named Batman and Ivy, an American Bulldog named Patty and a German Shorthaired Pointer named Madison.

Megan Winter, Certified Veterinary Technician

Providing exceptional care to our hospitalized patients and carefully administering medications is an every day routine for Certified Veterinary Technician, Megan W. Some of her other duties here at Punta Gorda Animal Hospital include preparing patients for surgery, monitoring the patients and assisting our veterinarians in surgery, advising post-operative surgical procedures, running lab work, taking x-rays and much more.

Megan possesses an associate degree in Veterinary Technology from St. Petersburg College and is licensed as a veterinary technician in the state of Florida. She joined our team in December of 2011 and has proven herself to be a valuable asset to our team and veterinary community. When asked about her involvement at Punta Gorda Animal Hospital, had this to say.

“We are AAHA accredited, meaning we are held to a higher standard of veterinary care. We all strive to provide our patients with the best possible care and keep them happy and comfortable. Our clinic is very involved in helping local rescued and abandoned animals.”

When she’s not at the hospital, Megan can be found spending time with her furry babies. She owns 6 rescue dogs, 2 rescue cats, a rescued pig, 2 horses, and several chickens. In her spare time, Megan likes to show horses, as well as foster animals for the Animal Welfare League. She also loves to go horseback riding and traveling.

Shannon Hash, Veterinary Technician

Shannon helps with overall patient care in the office, which can involve drawing blood, placing catheters, medicating, client education, surgery assists, taking x-rays and making sure patients are comfortable. She has been a vet tech for almost twenty years and loves aiding in surgeries and emergency care cases. When not at the hospital, she cares for her three dogs: Pudgy, an English Bulldog, Nikko, a French Bulldog and Mavis, a Shepard mix; and two cats: Butterscotch and Bob.

Jessica Malasics, Veterinary Technician

As one of our phenomenal Veterinary Technicians here at Punta Gorda Animal Hospital Jessica works hard to enforce the highest standards of veterinary medicine and care available. She has been working in the animal related field for over 9 years and possesses a wealth of expertise and knowledge in numerous areas of veterinary and client care.

Since joining the Punta Gorda Animal Hospital team in March of 2014, Jessica has been providing assistance as a surgical technician and aiding the veterinarians and fellow staff members with treatments and medicines. Jessica also helps to administer x-ray diagnostics, restrain patients as needed, place IV catheters, running bloodwork, and much more. Each day Jessica loves coming to our facility and being able to practice her passions by interacting with the wonderful animals and caregivers that enter our doors.

Away from the hospital Jessica enjoys spending her free time binge watching tv shows and movies, but also loves being outdoors and going for hikes or fishing. She owns an Australian Shepherd named Phi, an Am Staff mix named Lily, two DSH cats named Kovu and Kiara, a rabbit named Ty, and a mini pig named Penelope.

Erika Mercer, Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technician, Erika, has been working with Punta Gorda Animal Hospital since March of 2018. What Erika enjoys most about her involvement here is getting to directly influence a sick animal’s health, and getting to see them happy and healthy once again. On a daily basis Erika helps assist our veterinarians, restraining animals when necessary, drawing blood, and administering medications.

Each day Erika brings with her a cheeriness that echoes through our halls, as well as an outgoing and upbeat approach to interacting with our outstanding clients and their pets. She offers a wealth of knowledge and experience and is always willing to help out. Erika has been working in the animal related field for over 8 years, having worked for several animal clinics and hospitals prior.

“I enjoy working here because it is very personable,” Erika says. “Everyone is very pleasant and hard working. Everyone works as a team, I’ve never been happier. Best place I have ever worked at!”

In her spare time Erika likes go fishing and practicing crafts. She also works at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic, and loves helping animals in need however she can. Erika owns 4 dogs, a Boxer namer Briee, 2 Chihuahuas named Catalina and P-Nut, and a Cockapoo named Roxiee.

Kelly Grutto, Veterinary Technician

Punta Gorda Animal Hospital has been happy to have Kelly Grutto working as one of our talented Veterinary Technicians since the summer of 2005. Kelly possesses over 27 years of animal care experience and a genuine passion for helping animals and their caregivers. Prior to joining our team, Kelly helped numerous animals at an exotic and small animal practice working as their office manager and as a veterinary technician. She also has experience as a Rehabber with Peace River Wildlife Center, an organization in Punta Gorda that helps animals that are sick, injured, or orphaned.

Here at Punta Gorda Animal Hospital Kelly helps with many things like providing attentive patient care, phlebotomy, placing catheters, assistance in surgery, and anesthetic monitoring. Kelly also works closely with our patients who need dental procedures like taking dental radiographs, administering oral exams, teeth cleaning, and charting teeth and oral health status. Kelly is a great source of information and is happy to provide patient education to all our clients. She deeply cares about how she can impact the health of the patients we treat at our facility and is always happy to talk with people about how they can improve their pets’ lives.

Kelly takes her responsibilities a step beyond by helping with laser therapy treatments, maintaining our surgical and dental instruments to the highest standards, and keeping our lab and anesthetic equipment as clean and organized as possible. What she likes best about her role as a Veterinary Technician is providing dentistry work to animals and working with nervous patients to simultaneously better their health while making them feel more comfortable and at ease.

Away from Punta Gorda Animal Hospital Kelly likes to spend time with her family and her animals. She owns a Boxer mix named Petey, an American Bulldog mix named Buddy, and several cats. Kelly has one DSH cat named Ginger, a Manx named Jimmy, a DLH cat named Jamie, a cat named Harvey, and another DLH cat named Pretty. Her love for animals doesn’t stop there as she also cares for three pigs named Maynard, Suga and Weezer, and several white pigeons. Kelly is part of the SWFL Vegan Community and loves to stay healthy. She likes to go to parks, festivals, and for long walks with her dogs.

Megan Drake, Veterinary Assistant

Megan has been working in the veterinary field for over 8 years and has been with Punta Gorda Animal Hospital since 2011. Megan serves as one of our phenomenal Veterinary Assistants and is responsible for providing care to our hospitalized and boarding patients. She also administers medications, comforts patients, answers phones, schedules appointments, cleans and maintenances the hospital, and much more!

Megan enjoys working for Punta Gorda Animal Hospital because, “everyone here is like family, we all care about each other, our clients, and their pets.”

At home, Megan enjoys mowing the grass and riding 4 wheelers. She also loves to spend time with her Chihuahua, Addie.

Carly Ward, Veterinary and Kennel Assistant

Carly works full-time at Punta Gorda Animal Hospital as both a veterinary and kennel assistant. Some of her daily responsibilities include caring for dogs in the kennel, feedings, administering of medications, maintaining a clean hospital and the running of tests and bloodwork. Carly loves working with animals and feels right at home with our kind and welcoming hospital team.

Carly has two dogs of her own, a ten-year-old Maltese named Snowball, and a 1 year old Labradoodle named Brody. Some of her hobbies include painting, drawing, photography, videography, makeup artistry and watching Netflix.

Kaity Fry,
Veterinary Assistant and Kennel Technician

Kaity was welcomed to Punta Gorda Animal Hospital in January of 2019 as a Veterinary Assistant and Kennel Technician. A few of her daily responsibilities include providing compassionate care to our kennel residents & visitors and assisting our veterinarians and her fellow team members. Each day Kaity does so with a passion for providing the best animal care possible and a genuine and sincere desire to help animal caregivers and their wonderful pets. One of Kaity’s favorite things about working with Punta Gorda Animal Hospital is getting to interact with our extraordinary clients and their lovable furry family.

“I grew up bringing my pets here,” Kaity says. “The people I work with are awesome, I really love working here and helping to treat animals.”

When she isn’t helping animals or people at Punta Gorda Animal Hospital, Kaity enjoy hanging out with her family, friends, and pets. When she can, Kaity also loves to go horseback riding. She owns 2 dogs, a Pomeranian named Boo and a Pit Bull named Hank.

Connie Woodings, Receptionist

Connie is a full-time receptionist at Punta Gorda Animal Hospital. Some of Connie’s responsibilities include answering phones, making appointments, checking clients in/out and prescription requests. Her friendly and caring personality loves meeting new clients and forming relationships with their pets. Connie describes the hospital as a “wonderful environment to work in.” She is proud to be a part of a team that goes above and beyond.

At home, Connie cares for her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Mindy. “M” for Michigan and “Indy” for her previous home in Indiana. Connie moved to Florida with her husband to begin a new life together. They enjoy the beach, weather, settling into their new home and exploring the area.

Angelica Mendiola, Receptionist

As one of our friendly and personable Receptionists here at Punta Gorda Animal Hospital, Angelica helps ensure both you and your pet have the best experiences possible with us. Some of Angelica’s responsibilities include checking our patients and clients in and out of our facilities, preparing files and managing records, answering phones, addressing client inquiries and needs, and much more! Her favorite part about working with us is being able to help our clients with what they need and getting to meet their wonderful pets while doing so.

After joining our incredible team in March of 2011, Angelica has shown herself to be a valuable asset to our organization and clientele. Working with us has been her first opportunity to work in the animal related field, and she has loved working with animals ever since.

“I enjoy working at Punta Gorda Animal Hospital because we are all allowed to bring our pets to work,” Angelica says. “I also love how this is a very family-oriented practice.”

During her time away from the animal hospital, Angelica enjoys hanging out with her family and pets, as well as being out in nature. She owns a Puggle named Maggie, a Siamese cat named Miles Davis, a DSH Tabby cat named Mallory, and a Manx named Marceline. Another one of Angelica’s passions in life is creating custom acrylic paintings. See some of her work at facebook.com/artbyangelicamendiola